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BamBox 1

Microwaveable Bamboo Lunch Box (1.1L)

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With winter on its way what better time to invest in one of our plastic-free microwaveable bamboo lunch boxes!

Available in 4 fun colour options, this lunch box is made from 50% bamboo fibre and 50% PLA, a bioplastic made from corn. As such, it can be heated up in the microwave so you can enjoy your warmed up leftovers while you're out and about. 

The lid of this lunch box is made from natural rolled bamboo and comes with a silicone seal to help prevent leaks. This lunch box has a 1.1L capacity, so it’s a great size to hold your sandwiches, salads, grains, pastas, snacks and much more!

It has the following dimensions: H8cm x W20cm x D12cm